The Nussdorf Family: A Legacy of Success

The Nussdorf family has established a remarkable legacy of success in the business world. Founded by Bernard and Ruth Nussdorf in 1961, Quality King started as a small outpost in Queens, New York, specializing in the sale of personal care and beauty products . Over the years, their sons Glenn and Stephen joined the family business, contributing to its growth and prosperity. This article delves into the achievements of the Nussdorf family, their notable contributions to various industries, and their potential plans for restructuring operations and capital structure .

Building a Business Empire

Under the leadership of Bernard and Ruth Nussdorf, Quality King flourished into a thriving enterprise. The couple’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to providing quality products propelled the company’s success. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and strategic business decisions allowed Quality King to expand its operations and establish a strong presence in the market.

Glenn Nussdorf, one of the sons of Bernard and Ruth, has played a pivotal role in the family business. With an estimated net worth of $223 million as of 2023, Glenn Nussdorf has made significant contributions to the success of Quality King . As a Director at Organogenesis, he has also demonstrated his expertise and leadership skills in the healthcare industry .

Exploring Opportunities

The Nussdorf family’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond their initial venture. They have shown a willingness to explore new opportunities and diversify their business interests. This adaptability has allowed them to thrive in various sectors.

In recent years, the Nussdorf family has shown interest in restructuring operations and capital structure. This potential restructuring could involve members of the family becoming sole stockholders of Perfumania Holdings . Such strategic moves demonstrate their commitment to maximizing efficiency and ensuring the long-term success of their enterprises.

A Lasting Legacy

The Nussdorf family’s impact extends beyond their business ventures. They have also made significant contributions to their community and the real estate industry. For instance, the family’s involvement in the sale of a Norman Jaffe home in Southampton Village for $27.5 million showcases their influence in the luxury real estate market [5].


The Nussdorf family’s journey from a small outpost in Queens to a prominent player in various industries is a testament to their entrepreneurial acumen and dedication to excellence. Through their leadership and strategic decision-making, they have built a business empire that continues to thrive. As they consider potential restructuring of operations and capital structure, the Nussdorf family remains committed to adapting to changing market dynamics and ensuring the long-term success of their enterprises . Their lasting legacy serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder of the rewards that come with perseverance and innovation.

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