Central Cee: The Rising Star of UK Drill Music

Central Cee is a rising star in the UK drill music scene. He has been making waves with his unique style and captivating lyrics.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Central Cee’s background, his rise to fame, and what sets him apart from other artists in the genre.

The Basics: Who is Central Cee?

Before we dive into Central Cee’s height, let’s take a brief look at who he is. Central Cee, whose real name is Unknown Tafari, was born on August 18, 1998, in London, England. He grew up in the Tottenham area of North London and began making music at a young age. Central Cee gained popularity with his debut mixtape, “Wild West,” which was released in 2020. The mixtape features hit songs like “Day in the Life” and “Loading.”

How Tall is Central Cee?

Now, let’s get to the question that brought you here: How tall is Central Cee? According to various sources, Central Cee stands at around 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall. This puts him at an average height for a man in the UK. While height may not seem like a big deal, it can have an impact on how people perceive you. In the music industry, height can also play a role in how artists are marketed and promoted. However, Central Cee’s talent and unique style have helped him stand out regardless of his height.

Central Cee’s father

Central Cee’s father is not a well-known public figure, and there is little information available about him. Central Cee, whose real name is Unknown Tafari, is a British rapper and songwriter who gained popularity in 2020 with his hit single “Day in the Life.” While Central Cee has discussed his upbringing and childhood in interviews, he has not shared much information about his father specifically. It is unclear if Central Cee’s father played a significant role in his life or career, or if he was even present during his upbringing. Ultimately, the details of Central Cee’s relationship with his father remain a mystery to the public.

The Origin of Central Cee’s Hair

Central Cee’s hair is a combination of two popular styles: the high-top fade and the box braids. The high-top fade, also known as the hi-top or the flattop, was a popular hairstyle in the 1980s and 1990s. It features short sides and a flat, rectangular-shaped top that is usually styled with a curl sponge or a pick. The box braids, on the other hand, are a type of protective hairstyle that involves sectioning the hair into small, square-shaped parts and braiding them from the root to the tip. Central Cee’s hair combines these two styles by incorporating the high-top fade shape into the box braids. His hair is cut short on the sides and back, while the top is left longer and styled into a rectangular shape. The box braids are then added to the top section, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

The Significance of Central Cee’s Hair

Central Cee’s hair has become a symbol of his individuality and creativity. In a genre where image and style are just as important as music, Central Cee’s hair sets him apart from other rappers and helps to establish his brand. It’s also a reflection of his personality and confidence. By wearing such a bold and unconventional hairstyle, Central Cee is showing that he’s not afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd. In addition to its symbolic significance, Central Cee’s hair has also become a trend among his fans. Many young people in the UK have started to emulate his style by getting similar haircuts and braids. This shows the influence that Central Cee has on his audience and the impact that his image can have on popular culture.

The Maintenance of Central Cee’s Hair

Maintaining a hairstyle like Central Cee’s requires a lot of time and effort. The box braids need to be washed and conditioned regularly to keep them looking fresh and healthy. The high-top fade also requires regular maintenance, as the shape needs to be maintained with regular trims and shaping. Central Cee has also experimented with different colors for his hair, including blonde and red. This adds another layer of maintenance, as the color needs to be touched up regularly to prevent fading or roots from showing. Despite the work involved, Central Cee’s hair has become a signature part of his look and is worth the effort for him and his fans.

How Old is Central Cee?

So, how old is Central Cee? As mentioned earlier, he was born on August 18, 1998, which makes him 25 years old as of 2023. Despite central cee age, he has already achieved a lot in his career and has become one of the most promising rappers in the UK.

Central Cee Tattoo

Central Cee is a rising star in the UK rap scene, known for his catchy beats and clever lyrics. One thing that sets him apart from other artists is his distinctive tattoo, which has become something of a trademark. The tattoo is located on the side of his head, just above his ear, and features the letters “CC” in bold black ink.

While the tattoo may seem like just a cosmetic choice, it actually has a deeper meaning for Central Cee. In interviews, he has explained that the “CC” stands for “Crepes and Cones,” a London-based restaurant where he used to work. The restaurant was a key part of his journey as an artist, as it was where he would often write lyrics and make connections with other musicians.

The tattoo has become a symbol of Central Cee’s dedication to his craft and his roots in the London music scene. Fans have even started getting their own versions of the tattoo as a sign of their support for the artist.

Whether you’re a fan of Central Cee or just appreciate the art of tattooing, there’s no denying that his “CC” tattoo is a unique and meaningful piece of body art.

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Central Cee started his career as a rapper in 2018 when he released his debut single “Day in the Life” on SoundCloud. The song gained traction online and helped him build a fan base. He continued to release more songs on SoundCloud and YouTube, including “Loading”, “Pinging (6 Figures)”, and “Commitment Issues”. These songs showcased his unique flow, clever wordplay, and storytelling abilities.

In 2020, Central Cee’s career took off when he signed with the independent record label, The Orchard. He released his debut mixtape “Wild West” in November 2020, which received critical acclaim and helped him gain even more fans. The mixtape features collaborations with fellow UK drill artists such as Ivorian Doll and M1llionz. The standout tracks on the mixtape include “Day in the Life Pt. 2”, “Loading Pt. 2”, and “Molly”.

Central Cee’s Rise to Fame

Central Cee’s rise to fame has been nothing short of impressive. He started making music at a young age and honed his skills over time. In 2020, he released his debut mixtape, “Wild West,” which quickly gained popularity. The mixtape features a unique blend of UK drill and trap music, with Central Cee’s distinctive voice and flow.

One of the standout tracks on the mixtape is “Day in the Life,” which has over 20 million views on YouTube. The song showcases Central Cee’s storytelling ability and gives listeners a glimpse into his life and experiences. Other popular tracks from the mixtape include “Loading” and “Commitment Issues.” Central Cee’s success has not gone unnoticed, and he has been praised by fellow artists and fans alike. He was named as one of the BBC’s Sound of 2021 artists, which highlights up-and-coming musicians. Central Cee has also been featured on various music platforms and has collaborated with other artists.

Central Cee’s Style and Sound

Central Cee’s style and sound are what set him apart from other artists in the UK music scene. He blends UK drill and trap music with his unique voice and flow to create a sound that is both catchy and authentic. His lyrics often touch on his personal experiences and struggles, giving listeners a glimpse into his life. Central Cee’s style is also notable for its simplicity. He often wears plain t-shirts and tracksuits, which has become somewhat of a trademark for him. This simplicity extends to his music videos, which often feature him rapping in front of a plain background. Despite his simple style, Central Cee’s music has resonated with fans around the world. His unique sound and relatable lyrics have helped him build a loyal following.

Collaborations and Future Projects

Central Cee has collaborated with several UK drill artists, including Ivorian Doll and M1llionz. He has also worked with producer Ghosty, who has produced some of his biggest hits. In an interview with NME, Central Cee mentioned that he would like to collaborate with American rappers such as Lil Baby and Roddy Ricch in the future.

Central Cee’s debut mixtape “Wild West” was a huge success, and he has already started working on his next project. In an interview with Capital XTRA, he mentioned that he has been recording new music and that fans can expect more collaborations on his upcoming project. He also mentioned that he wants to experiment with different sounds and styles on his next project.

The Future of UK Drill Music

UK drill music has been gaining popularity in recent years, with artists such as Headie One, Digga D, and Unknown T leading the way. Central Cee’s rise to fame is a testament to the growing popularity of the genre. However, UK drill music has also faced criticism for its violent lyrics and association with gang culture.

In response to this criticism, Central Cee has mentioned that he wants to use his platform to spread positivity and inspire others. He has also mentioned that he wants to show that there is more to UK drill music than just violence and negativity.

The future of UK drill music is uncertain, but one thing is clear: artists like Central Cee are pushing the genre forward and bringing new sounds and styles to the table. With his unique flow, clever wordplay, and storytelling abilities, Central Cee is a rising star in the UK drill music scene.


Central Cee is a British rapper and songwriter who has been making waves in the UK drill music scene. His rise to fame is a testament to his unique music style, clever wordplay, and storytelling abilities. With his debut mixtape “Wild West” and collaborations with other UK drill artists, Central Cee has established himself as a rising star in the genre. As he continues to experiment with different sounds and styles, fans can expect even more great music from this talented artist.


What’s central cee real name

Central Cee’s real name is not publicly known. The London-based rapper has chosen to keep his personal information private, including his real name. Central Cee first gained attention in 2020 with the release of his track “Day in the Life” and has since become one of the rising stars of the UK drill scene. Despite his success, Central Cee remains focused on his music and prefers to let his art speak for itself rather than revealing personal details about his life. Fans may be curious about his real name, but ultimately it is up to Central Cee to share that information if he chooses to do so in the future.

Is Central Cee British

Yes, Central Cee is a British Rapper.

Central Cee Father

Central Cee, also known as Cench, is a rising rapper from London who has been making waves in the UK music scene. While not much is known about his personal life, there has been speculation about his relationship with his father. In his lyrics, Central Cee has alluded to a difficult relationship with his dad, mentioning his absence and lack of support.

However, he has also expressed a desire to make his father proud and prove himself to him. It’s unclear whether Central Cee and his father have reconciled or if they still have a strained relationship. Regardless, Central Cee’s music has resonated with many fans, who appreciate his honest and introspective approach to rap.

Central Cee Family

Central Cee raps about his relationship with his mother and the sacrifices she made for him. He also mentions his younger brother, who he hopes to inspire and guide through his success in the music industry. In interviews, Central Cee has spoken about how his family has been supportive of his music career, with his mother even attending his shows and festivals. While he keeps his personal life private, it is clear that Central Cee values and appreciates his family.

Central Cee Nationality

Central Cee nationality is British.

Central Cee Ethnicity

Central Cee’s ethnicity should not be a defining factor in his music career or personal life. What’s important is his talent and the impact he is making in the music industry. As a society, it is important to recognize and celebrate diversity, but it is also important to respect individuals’ privacy and personal choices when it comes to their ethnicity. Ultimately, what matters most is who Central Cee is as a person and artist, and the messages he shares through his music.

His siblings

There is no public information about Central Cee’s siblings, it is possible that he has brothers or sisters who are not in the public eye.

His Weight

Central Cee’s weight is not publicly known, as it is a personal matter that he has not shared with his fans or the media.

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